No teacher? No problem! Listen to songs, films and news with script, vocabulary and exercises to improve your listening and vocabulary. Get to know different accents of English. Improve your pronunciation with a range of videos and talk to other language learners online. Read manga, books and news online. Prepare for English tests. All by yourself.

Improve your English Quickly

The only way to improve your English is to use it, so introduce more English into your DAILY LIFE!

Quick-start your English by changing the language of your Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and email accounts to English. Change or re-install programs on your

Improve your English Listening Online

If you always feel people speak too fast, have a difficult accent or use vocabulary you don't know, it's time to improve your English listening skills with audio or video with SCRIPT.

* First practice HEARING the text. Play the clip a few times, write down

Improve your English Listening with Films

A good way to improve your English listening and vocabulary is to practice with an English-soundtrack film with ENGLISH SUBTITLES (1)

* Before you start, check what the film is about. If you know the story already, it'll be easier to understand. Select one scene to practice with.

*First watch the scene a few times WITHOUT subtitles to get the main idea

Improve your English Listening with Songs

Listening to English songs with LYRICS (song text) is a fun way to expand your English vocabulary and improve your listening skills.

* First get the lyrics from for example A-Z Lyrics or Lyrics007. (1)
* Play the song a few times to get the main idea (what the song is about) and catch the keywords

Improve your English Listening with News

Keeping up with the news is an interesting way to improve your English listening and increase your vocabulary.

Watch regular news online or as podcasts/vodcasts (downloadable audio/video recordings) from ABC Radio (AU), AlJazeera (QA),BBC (UK) or CNN (US). If you also follow the news

Improve your English Speaking Online

To improve your English speaking online, set up a free profile at SharedTalk to VOICE CHAT with other people that want to practice their English or other languages. If you're shy, you can also contact them via mail and text chat first.

To make sure your new friends understand what you're saying, work on improving your pronunciation and your listening.

Improve your English Pronunciation

It doesn't matter what English accent you have, but other people have to be able to understand what you're saying.

* The 26 letters in the English alphabet make up 44 BASIC sounds (think how the "a" sounds in apple, father and ate) that you can practice with videos

Learn about English Tests

General tests of English to prepare for academic study abroad are IELTS (International English Language Testing System, UK) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language, US). For the US students may also be required to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) which covers mathematics, English and logical thinking.

Select an English Dictionary

So many dictionaries, so much choice. Which one's the best for you? 

First you should decide what kind of dictionary you need. At the beginning you'll need a dictionary in your own language, but you should try using English - English as soon as possible. A good quality dictionary gives you:

Everyday English

An important part of learning the language is learning phrases and expressions for everyday situations like expressing your opinion, saying sorry ("functions"), or for example eating out and shopping ("transactions").

The BBC series How to has a whole range of topics with downloadable audio and script; and quizzes and exercises help you practise what you have learnt. Another place to go is English Online, with vocabulary, grammar, audio dialogues and some videos from elementary to advanced level. More listening links.

Watch American News: Simple, Slow and Subtitled

Watch or download Voice of America's short captioned videos (Lifestyle and Economics, Education, Health, Agriculture and Technology Reports) or audio recordings of Special English in simple English (intermediate and upper-beginner level) with subtitles to improve your listening and vocabulary. Broadcasters read slower than normal.

Watch Australian Stories

Australia Network offers vodcasts (downloadable video recordings) of older episodes of their popular TV program English Bites for intermediate to advanced English speakers to improve their listening and learn common terms and English usage.

Improve your English with ELLIS

The ELLIS (English Language Learning Instructional Solutions) Essentials system is licensed (NOT FREE) software for English self-study to improve your vocabulary, listening comprehension, grammar and some pronunciation.

There are five programs to work with: Basics, Intro, Middle Mastery and

Improve your English with Issues in English

Issues in English is licensed (NOT FREE) software for learning (Australian) English. You can use the software to improve your listening, reading, pronunciation and writing, to learn new vocabulary and review grammar.

The program is organised around the 8 topics animal rights, discrimination,



Mixed Skills

CHECK GRAMMAR RULES Grammar Reference and Exercises
USE SOFTWARE (not free) ELLIS | Issues in English

Dictionaries and Slang

SELECT A DICTIONARY Select an English Dictionary


Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)


WATCH VIDEOS Chris Delivery | English Breakfast | EB Gang

MILITARY Thai Military

Military English (ESP)


Maritime English (ESP)

Travel English (ESP)

Need Advice?

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