No teacher? No problem! Listen to songs, films and news with script, vocabulary and exercises to improve your listening and vocabulary. Get to know different accents of English. Improve your pronunciation with a range of videos and talk to other language learners online. Read manga, books and news online. Prepare for English tests. All FREE. All by yourself.

Use News to Improve your English Listening

Keeping up with the news is an interesting way to improve your English listening and increase your vocabulary.

Follow the steps described in Improve your English Listening.

Some good news shows with easy language for English learners are ...
the BBC Lingohack (UK), Learning from News from the Bangkok Post (with audio), CNN 10 (US)  and the Voice of America (US). They have videos or audio, scripts. and the first two also explain the main vocabulary.

More advanced learners can watch or listen to regular news from ABC Radio (AU), AlJazeera (QA), BBC (UK) and CNN (US).