No teacher? No problem! Listen to songs, films and news with script, vocabulary and exercises to improve your listening and vocabulary. Get to know different accents of English. Improve your pronunciation with a range of videos and talk to other language learners online. Read manga, books and news online. Prepare for English tests. All FREE. All by yourself.

Improve your English with Issues in English Software

Issues in English is licensed (NOT FREE) software for learning (Australian) English. You can use the software to improve your listening, reading, pronunciation and writing, to learn new vocabulary and review grammar.

The program is organised around the 8 topics animal rights, discrimination, ...
euthanasia, the environment, gambling, growing old, smoking and public transport, so it should be interesting for teenagers as well as adults.

Each topic is split in 4 levels from beginner to advanced. Each level starts with a video of someone talking about the topic. The video has a script that can be switched on or off, and keywords in the script are explained when the mouse is moved over the text.

Each video is followed by a series of around 20 exercises practising listening, reading, comprehension (understanding what you hear or read), writing - including spelling and dictation -, grammar, vocabulary and speaking (pronunciation), and you will get the correct answers right away. Some of the exercises can also be printed as a worksheet so that you can keep them.

You can use the program at your own speed. Some suggestions on how to use your time from the Hong Kong Baptist University Language Centre: "If you have around 30 minutes you can do a listening and the follow-up exercises. If you have 1 hour, you can add some writing, vocabulary or grammar practice. If you are short of time, try just one listening, the comprehension exercise and 5 minutes on pronunciation."
[Issues in English software can be used on a regular computer.]

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