No teacher? No problem! Listen to songs, films and news with script, vocabulary and exercises to improve your listening and vocabulary. Get to know different accents of English. Improve your pronunciation with a range of videos and talk to other language learners online. Read manga, books and news online. Prepare for English tests. All FREE. All by yourself.

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DISCOVER ACCENTS elllo listening and video lessons*
EVERYDAY ENGLISH English Language for Everyday Situations | English Courses |...
Everyday English in Conversation
LISTEN TO AUDIO ESL Cyber Listening Lab
WATCH VIDEOS BBC Learning English | elllo listening and video lessons* | Free English Video lessons | podEnglish Learning English | Thai videos
*To "Learn English naturally by listening to speakers from all over the world!", elllo features over a thousand audio lessons with downloadable audio, transcript, quiz, vocabulary etc. The lessons vary from easy to difficult. You can also use the subtitled video lessons to improve your reading, speaking and note-taking skills. In each lesson the speakers come from different countries and have different accents.
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LISTEN TO AUDIO CCProse Classic Literature Audio Books
WATCH VIDEOS (subtitled) Technology, Entertainment, Design TalksWatch Anime Online | Watch Cartoons Online