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Use Films (Movies) to Improve your English Listening

Watching films is a fun way to improve your English listening and increase your vocabulary. You'll need a scene or clip of an English-soundtrack film with ENGLISH SUBTITLES, and if available, also SUBTITLES IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE.

Follow the 3 steps described in How to Improve your English Listening.
Step (1) HEARING the text, is the same...

In step (2) UNDERSTANDING the text, watch the scene or clip again with English subtitles and try to guess the meaning of new vocabulary. If that's not enough, watch it again with subtitles in your own language. In that case you probably won't need a dictionary.

Step (3) copy the PRONUNCIATION, is the same.

- Before watching, read what the film is about on a film site like Internet Movie Database
- Select just one scene or a clip of a film. Watching the whole film several times takes long and is difficult and boring. 
- Subtitles: 
     - If you have a file or DVD, download missing subtitles from, then play film and subtitles together in your media player or just open the file with e.g. MS Word.
     - Illegal copies of films often have bad English subtitles, so make sure to download new subtitles. 
   - Watch short films with script and explanations at, complete films with subtitles at
- NEVER watch an English-soundtrack film with the soundtrack in your language. You won't learn any English at all.